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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning forms the core of our business and we have built a loyal client base on our reputation. We employ the ‘Water Fed Pole’ cleaning system which uses pure water to achieve a superior clean without resorting to the use of chemicals or detergents; for more information on this method, please read our Pure Water Cleaning page which explains our method in full and also lists the advantages of cleaning the windows in this way.

Once a price and a cleaning frequency have been agreed with you, we will turn up regularly to clean your windows. This reliability gives you peace of mind that you will not need to be concerned about dirty windows again.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service and want you to be happy with what we do; therefore all our work comes with a guarantee. If you become aware of any problem then please just give us a call and we will be more than happy to rectify the matter- no fuss and no quibble!

UPVC Cleaning

An increasing number of properties are now being fitted with UPVC with its advantages over wood and metal. However, it too attracts dirt and over time can become unsightly if not attended to regularly. Results from cleaning are remarkable and every client who has engaged us to clean their UPVC has commented that their expectations have been exceeded.

If you would like us to provide a quotation then please do give us a call. If you are still unsure, we can spot-clean an area for you to give an indication of the results that can be achieved – there is no charge for this.

Conservatory Cleaning

Often overlooked, Conservatories can often benefit the most from our cleaning service. By their very nature, they comprise a significant amount of glass and can therefore become dark and unwelcoming if not cleaned regularly.

In our experience, Conservatories do not require cleaning quite as often as house windows and so we generally only clean them every eight weeks. However, if they are near to a main road more frequent cleaning may be required – we shall advise you where this may be necessary.

We also offer a ‘Full Conservatory Clean’ whereby we clean all parts including the finials (the pointy bits) on the apex, the guttering and, more importantly, the conservatory roof. The results that can be achieved really must be seen to be believed; clients have commented that it is like having a new conservatory.

Builders and Pre-let Cleaning

We provide cleaning services for developers following a new construction or the renovation/modernisation of an existing property. This type of work requires specialist attention as glass surfaces can become contaminated with cement, plaster, construction dust and sticker residues – the removal of which can cause scratching if not carefully attended to. This is not something you should leave to someone who does not possess the relevant skills and experience to produce a first class result first time, every time; we possess that skill and experience.

We also act on behalf of landlords to maintain their properties. We are often asked to clean properties prior to the commencement of a letting so that the tenants are shown the standard of maintenance expected during their tenancy; we have also cleaned a property prior to viewing in order that the right impression is created from the outset.

We are no stranger to dealing with professionals in the property sector and pride ourselves in providing a flexible approach. Please telephone or email us to discuss your requirements – we are sure to offer a solution to meet your needs.

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