We use Water Fed Pole cleaning systems

No Ladders, No squeegees! All Windows Reached

Pure Water vs. Traditional Window Cleaning

For many years, windows have been cleaned the ‘traditional’ way with a bucket, and a chamois leather and/or cleaning applicator and a squeegee. You have no doubt seen these window cleaners carrying round their ladders to access the the first or second floor windows.

Our method of Water-fed Pole Cleaning does away with these traditional tools and instead uses extending poles with brushes on the end; these are fed with pure water which has been filtered through resin to remove all the impurities dissolved in ordinary domestic tap water. The brushes agitate any dirt on the window which is then washed away by the pure water leaving a completely dirt-free window. As the water contains no impurities, the drops left behind will then dry to a clean, smear-free finish; guaranteed!

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This method is becoming the industry standard and also carries certain other advantages:

1). Better cleaning results.  The major advantage of pure water is its desire to return to its impure state; hence its capacity to absorb large amounts of dirt from your windows. This process involves brushing your windows clean with pure water and as such they will be left wet and will need time to dry naturally. This may be a bit disconcerting at first, as obviously this is not what our customers are used to.

2). Health and safety.  Legislation being brought in from Europe will limit the use of ladders as temporary workstations. The law now states that ladders can only be used when all viable alternatives have been considered, and now water fed pole systems are seen as a safer viable alternative and I don’t want to be held liable to prosecution for accidents to staff and customers. Accidents do happen (as I have fell off the ladder a couple of times myself) and if we can do the job to a high standard whilst standing on the ground then so much the better. Also, we have been forced to pay increasingly higher public and employers liability insurance premiums, which is becoming unaffordable for the use of ladders. Ladders are no longer an option for my business

3). Environmentally friendly. Pure water only is used, eliminating the need for detergents and chemicals.

4). Reduced disturbance and no more dents in your lawn.

5). Increased privacy is achieved as there is no-one to peer through upstairs windows- which means the possibility of any embarrassing moment is eliminated.

6). Windows will stay cleaner for longer. The absence of any sticky soap residue means that dirt will find it harder to cling to your windows, hence your windows stay cleaner for longer.

Additional Benefits:

7). As your windows will be brushed clean, almost unavoidably your frames will be cleaned at the same time. All doors are cleaned too! These are added extras which are not generally conducted using the traditional method.

8 We can now easily reach areas of your property which were inaccessible with standard ladders.; this means we can now deal with third floor windows, conservatory roofs and windows above the conservatory that had to be missed previously.

9). We can now offer a ‘whole clean’ which can include difficult windows, soffits and fascias, conservatory roofs, upvc panelling and more.

Please note that over the space of two or three visits the process will `leach` all deposits from around the frames, resulting in an improved finish each time, until ultimately the finish will effectively be sterile. Please be patient if the initial visit is not perfect, as we have been forewarned by our suppliers that two or three visits can be necessary for maximum effect.

I hope this has covered everything as our aim is to continue to give a high level of service. Please feel free to phone or discuss any part of the above or indeed any other aspect of our service. If you have any concerns about this new way of cleaning your windows please let me know and we will endeavour to alleviate your concerns.

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We pride ourselves on providing a quality service and want you to be happy with what we do; therefore, all our work comes with a guarantee. If you become aware of any problem then please just give us a call within 48 hours and we will be more than happy to rectify the matter- no fuss and no quibble!

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