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Frequently Asked Questions2022-03-03T10:27:03+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you clean windows in the rain?2022-03-03T10:13:49+00:00

Despite what some people think, rain on it’s own won’t make your windows dirty. It’s the accumulation of dust and other particles that make the glass appear dirty and this can take anything from 2 to 8 weeks before it becomes visible. The reason we don’t work in heavy rain is because we don’t like getting wet. We do work in light drizzle though, but not for very long.

Do I need to be in when you clean my windows?2022-03-03T10:13:33+00:00

Unless we cannot gain access to parts of the property without you being there, then no, you do not need to be in. Where access gates are locked we can arrange to text you the night before to remind you to unlock the gate; alternatively, with your permission we can carefully climb over walls or gates. After cleaning, we will leave a payment slip which includes our payment details.

What if I have a complaint?2022-03-03T10:13:19+00:00

We are keen to ensure that all our clients are satisfied with our service but if there is a problem then please get in touch.

How can I pay you?2022-03-21T10:49:07+00:00

Take a look at the Payments page for information on ways you can pay me.

Are you insured?2022-03-03T10:10:18+00:00

Yes, to protect our clients we carry Public Liability Insurance to the value of £1M.

Do you offer a guarantee?2022-03-03T10:10:05+00:00

Yes, all our work is guaranteed so that you can relax. However, we are only human and sometimes we make mistakes. If that happens we will rectify the situation with no fuss and no quibble.

Which areas do you cover?2022-03-03T10:09:53+00:00

Lancaster, Morecambe and the surrounding areas including Heysham, Torrisholme, BLS, Bare, Galgate, Halton, Overton…and many more

How often do you clean?2022-03-03T10:09:39+00:00

For most clients we clean the windows every four weeks as we have found this to be the best frequency to maintain the cleanliness – this also costs the least. A few clients have an eight- weekly clean and even fewer have us clean every twelve weeks; however, we charge more for these intervals as there is more dirt to clean off and the time increases. We also cater for one-off cleans. We will explain the best frequency when we give you our quote – we can discuss your requirements at that stage.

How much will it cost?2022-03-03T10:09:24+00:00

This will depend on a variety of factors such as the number and type of windows and the frequency of the clean. This is why we will generally arrange a convenient appointment to visit the property to provide an accurate quotation.

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